Friday, November 18, 2016

Leaving Facebook's "Lawyers On The Left"

In the fucking aftermath of "what the fuck is going to happen now," people are fucking talking about fucking getting together and fucking advocating for fucking rights they fucking think will fucking be taken fucking away.

As part of this fucking movement, fucking groups have fucking formed on fucking Facebook, including this fucking "Lawyers on the Left" fucking group.

I was fucking added to this fucking group which now has over 100,000 fucking lawyers fucking talking about fucking doing shit (sorry for saying "shit").

When I was fucking added to this fucking group, I saw that people were fucking introducing their fucking selves by stating who they fucking are - fucking job titles, fucking leadership posts, that kind of fucking shit (sorry again).

So I fucking decided to fucking do something fucking different. I fucking just posted the last fucking thing I wrote here. It was a fucking post about why fucking people need to fucking stop telling other fucking people to "move on." At the fucking end of the post, I said "go fuck yourself." This was a statement to those attacking the majority of....the fucking Left.

So I post this fucking thing and get a "your post us awaiting approval." OK, fucking fine. Time went by. I then fucking posted a typical fucking biographical post that every other fucking person was posted and wrote that I had fucking posted a link to a post I wrote and it hadn't appeared. (I didn't use any fucking fowl language in that fucking post).

I was told that it was probably just in the backlog of posts awaiting moderation. OK, fucking fine.

Then I fucking saw other posts that clearly were written after mine, popping up regularly. I responded by fucking posting the fucking link again.

Fucking nothing.

So I fucking left this fucking group of Left thinking lawyers.

Prior to the fucking election I was critical of the Left for suppressing speech. I wrote that the fucking Right was much more willing to engage, even if that fucking engagement was harsh, mean, offensive, or fucking horrible. I was fucking criticized for saying that, because fucking people on the Left thought I was wrong.

I fucking wasn't.

To the Facebook group "Lawyers on the Left," I wish you all the fucking luck, and I'm sorry that I fucking offended you.

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Jeff said...

Fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

Brian, as one of the moderators, I hesitate to waste any more time on your crippling need for attention (we've given you quite a bit)- but I don't know how else to get this message to you. The posts come in reverse chronological order- we were buried. We all got messages from your contacts asking what happened. You were never blocked, removed, or censored. Accidents happen. We tried our best but apparently came up short of your expectations. Sorry 'bout it. Hope you find what you're looking for.

Brian Tannebaum said...

Gee, how proud I am that a group started for the purpose of lawyers advocating nationally on major issues is moderated by someone who can't put their name on a comment on a blog. But let me address your defense of what you claim is not censorship. First, you don't know how else to get this message to me? I guess someone believes that. I'm a lawyer, in Florida, I would think if you did a google search you would find an email address. But then I'd have your name and I guess you think I'd do something just horrible with that, like maybe write back. Second, after my post "wasn't blocked, removed, or censored," I posted something else, something vanilla, which went up very quickly. Then I posted my post again, and it didn't go up until people contacted the moderators and complained. So cut the crap. There is no reason to moderate that group. It's hypocritical and more evidence that my friends on the left want to control the discussion. As far as my "crippling need for attention?" I wrote a book, I've been blogging for over a decade. If you think I have a need for some headed for failure Facebook group to post my writing, you have a lot to learn. I got plenty of feedback from your not posting it, none of it positive for your moderated group. I wish you all luck. I'll be focusing my efforts with people who aren't spending their time deciding what should and should not be said.

Anonymous said...

Your level of outrage is grossly disproportionate to the alleged offense, and your attempt to spin this as some brave philosophical stance against censorship is laughable. It's FACEBOOK. Give me a break.

I can't help but notice that "comment moderation has been enabled" on your own blog, and I'm glad that I skipped lunch because I am absolutely feasting on the irony.

Brian Tannebaum said...

I was waiting for some idiot to mention that. Thank you for being the first idiot. I'm wondering how you knew I moderated comments? Is it perhaps because I state that on my blog? Do you know why I moderate comments? Because I have a lot of spam bots that like to post spam links to my blog and I don't want those posted. So thank you for trying to make an analogy that makes zero sense.

Carolin Shining said...

Brian, since the group has changed its name, do you want to start a real group organized around the idea of leftist lawyers who promote socialist and liberal oriented policy change? We need a new voice badly in this realm and I agree that Lawyers for Good Government is pretty oatmeal.