Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome to My Law License

As a lawyer who represents Bar Applicants and lawyers facing discipline, I am often asked about the rules, procedures, typical outcomes, and general questions about... your law license - whether you are seeking one, want to keep one, or about to lose one.

I hope this blog provides information to allow the reader to discipher the meaning of the rules and the process enough to possibly lessen the common fear that a single Bar Complaint is the end of career (although in some cases it is absolutely is the end).

Take a look around, at the bottom there's some links to "the basics," and to the right a couple blogs of interest. I'm happy to answer any questions that I can, although I will not be giving legal advice on the blog.

So for now it's a work in progress, maybe it always will be.

Located in Miami, Florida, Brian Tannebaum practices Bar Admission and Discipline and Criminal Defense. Read his free ebook The Truth About Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer and please visit


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