Monday, October 26, 2009

Begging For Credibility On The Internet

Yesterday I saw one of the most pathetic, disgusting posts on the net. It was a lawyer begging for credibility. I won't link to it, one because it doesn't deserve to be promoted, and two because the writer is actually asking people to link to it so it can get some readers.

It is poorly written, has missing words in sentences, and the domain name which is mentioned as the writer's most prominent site, is mispelled.

You can't beg for credibility on the net. You either have it, or you don't.

But that's not what social media and tech "experts" teach lawyers today. They are there to create images of lawyers that are complete lies. The goal is not to be honest, it's to say something, anything, that will attract a client, reader, speaking engagement offer, etc.....

Your credibility is based on perception, period. IF you're a good lawyer, people will say you're a good lawyer. If you say you're a good lawyer, you're a self-promoting beggar.

If you want credibility, have it, don't try to create it. If you do, it's clear you have none.


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