Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lawyers: In This Economy - Be As Smart As You Think You Are

While nothing on this blog should be construed as legal advice, in this awful economy, there are some things that lawyers need to consider. I say what I am about to say from experience over the last few months.

[1] Please don't take on matters in which you have no working knowledge of the law.
Lines of credit are for paying rent in slow times, not taking cases in which you have no idea how to practice.

[2] That money in the trust account, is not yours.
There is no "borrowing" the money for a little while.

[3] That settlement you received, is not totally yours, no matter what you consider "costs."
This is not a time to get creative with documents you send to your clients.

[4] The flat-fee retainer agreement you signed, is a contract. Honor your contract.

You may not have as much money right now, but you do have your reputation. You'll have money again, but that won't buy your reputation back.

Just some thoughts from some conversations I've had recently.

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