Monday, November 3, 2008

So I Responded To The Bar........

The majority of my Bar Grievance clients have already "stepped in it," twice.

First, it's the Bar Grievance, then its the uncounseled response.

Now I'm not here to peddle my wares, but something has always made me wonder: A lawyer goes to law school, invests time, money and mental and physical energy into graduation, double that energy for the Bar Exam, enters into a great profession but one that is not easy nor forgiving, and upon receiving a Bar Grievance, you decide now is the time not to have a lawyer.

Anyway, what is happening more and more is that the Bar is seeking "additional" information, and in my opinion, it's usually caused by you, genius lawyer, responding initially in a way that creates more questions than answered.

Al least talk to a lawyer, OK? I trust your goal is not to spend your time defending your license, maybe I'm wrong.

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