Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Worst Place To Find A Lawyer - Twitter

Twitter is the worst place to find a lawyer.

Twitter, a land of millions of people from all walks of life, boasts a large number of lawyers. Finding one when you need them is another thing. Go to twitter's search site, and it's a complete waste of time.

I don't use twitter for business, but I have tried to find lawyers for people, with little success.

I'd like someone to tell me the easiest way to find a lawyer on twitter with this example:

I get an email from someone looking for a criminal lawyer in Los Angeles. Assuming I'm not connected with one myself, how would I find them?

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Mark Bennett said...

What I did was to send a tweet saying, "Lawyers: Can anyone recommend a criminal lawyer in Los Angeles?" at 9:28 on a Thursday evening.

Within 40 minutes I had one response from an online acquaintance who knows one particular LA criminal defense lawyer personally, and one from a PD in LA who knows them all, and wanted more details of the sort of case to help me find the best lawyer for the case.

It sure beats looking in the NACDL directory or a Google search.

montaignejns said...

Personally, I never use Twitter for marketing. I don't even disclose my name. Primarily because I use Twitter as a personal social outlet rather than a business tool. Though I do have a lawyer's group on Tweetdeck.

I wouldn't hesitate to use the suggestion that Mark made above if your "LA" situation arose & I would be willing to offer what info I had if I received such a Tweet.

Unknown said...

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