Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dumb Desperate Lawyers Reading E-mail

The State Bar of California issued a warning to attorneys to
beware of international Internet scams purporting to hire U.S. lawyers
to collect large debts.

You know, those typo-filled emails with screwed up email addresses offering money?

"This is an official requisition for your legal consultation services on
behalf of _________," one e-mail sent to the bar said. "We are presently
incapacitated due to international legal boundaries to exert pressure on
our delinquent customers in USA and we request your services

Yeah, some of us are falling for it.

In four separate cases since the start of the year, Bank of
America attorney customers lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from
counterfeit checks.

I think someone should start a website listing these moron lawyers who are too stupid to know these are scams. The website should be called www.donthiremei'

California State Bar President Holly Fujie found herself having to say this to those with law degrees: "If you deposit a check for $500,000,
you had better have a clear idea where that money is coming from."

Let me write that down.

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