Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bar Applicant Facebook Freakout

While "how to make money as a lawyer" sadly continues to be the most popular google search leading people to this blog, "should I delete my Facebook page," and "will the Florida Bar see my Facebook page," are coming in a close second.

I think the better question is "am I a complete moron?"

If you're in law school, even these days, you must have some semblance of intelligence. What is it that causes you to question that ANYTHING YOU WRITE ON THE INTERNET CAN BE SEEN BY SOMEONE ELSE?

I know, you have set your Facebook page to the highest privacy settings and think you're protected. OK. Keep thinking that, you'll make a great lawyer.

The reality is this: you have a Facebook page, tweet on twitter, (hopefully you don't have a myspace account if you are over 14 and have a job), for the sole purpose of publicising your thoughts and pictures.

If you are scared that others may see your thoughts and pictures, stop posting your thoughts and pictures.

If this makes no sense to you, drop out of law school, today. Please.
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Cyn said...

Funny! I hope many will take your advice & drop out. We have too many damn lawyers anyway, and every time one of them can't find work on the civil side, they come to the criminal side & ruin people's lives!