Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Social Media Guru Comes Partially Clean After Threatening Me With Libel

I've written previously here and here about a social media guru/lawyer who seemed to have some "inaccurate" statements on several biographies on the internet.

When I made a comment directly to him, I'm sorry, to Adrian Dayton, about his seemingly non-existent law practice he "assured me" he is still a practicing lawyer and said I was "treading close to libel."

That's when I took 10 minutes and looked at his background.

The problem, for him, is that he's now removed or changed most, not all, of the "inaccurate" statements about himself on the internet.

So I guess I wasn't making any "false and defamatory statements concerning another?"

No, actually, since his biography on JD Supra no longer says that he has been referred to as an expert by various publications, and he removed that he was involved in more than one $450 million dollar merger, (there's a typo in there Adrian, should say "Adrian is an experienced corporate attorney who was part of A team that...," may want to fix that), and also changed on LinkedIn that his current company actually started months after he initially stated, and changed his status on the New York Bar Website to reflect that he's no longer at the firm where he became an "experienced corporate attorney" in 8 months...

Oh, wait, he didn't do that yet. The New York Bar Website still says that he works at his prior firm. Which begs the question - if Adrian is still a practicing attorney, where is he practicing, what is he practicing, where is his office, what is his office phone, and why does the New York Bar still think he is at his old firm?

Nevermind. I'll stop here.

Some may wonder why I care? Why do I care that someone is clearly not being totally truthful about his background?

Because he's a member of the Bar, and he wants other lawyers to pay him to teach them how to build their practice. But all these lawyers seemingly don't care, don't take the time to investigate, don't want to know as long as they can learn to use twitter to make money.

Just one more question (that will go unanswered) - why is the truth just coming out now?


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Minneapolis DUI lawer said...

WOW! Why isn't the Bar doing something about this?