Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year's Message To Bar Applicants

I have a lot to do today, so this will be quick:

[1] Stop asking me about disclosing stuff. The answer is "yes, disclose."

[2] Stop asking me why this process takes so long. It's like traffic - too many people trying to get to the same place.

[3] Stop asking me if you need a lawyer. Did I call you, or was it the other way around?

[4] Stop worrying about Facebook. Start behaving on Facebook.

[5] Stop asking me if you should withdraw your application because you're afraid you won't get in. You're trying to become a lawyer. Butch up. No one said it would be easy.

Happy 2010.

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Mo said...

I'm in law school and I still can't get over how pathetically unprepared some of these lawyer hopefuls are for real life.
One of the biggest testaments to how poorly law school prepares us for the practice of law is how poorly most law school grads handle the bar application process.

Anonymous said...

Best advice to all applicants. TELL THE TRUTH. No matter how bad it might be, at least they cannot penalize you for lying.

Anonymous said...

Hey you - the one still in law school, what do you know about the archaic bar application process in Florida? And BT - give us all a little credit, New York has bad traffic and a lot of people trying to get to the same place, though they manage to deal with the application process on a lot less coin and far fewer dramatics.

Mo said...

I know nothing of the bar application in FL. I would assume, however, that FL law students SHOULD.
At the very least, anyone in law school SHOULD be aware of how the real world works - "Yes, disclose" and "Start behaving on Facebook" are generic bits of advice that apply to all walks of life.

My Law License said...

Anonymous at 8:50, NY has the most liberal standards for admission. This is not a criticism, as I think the Florida Board has gone overboard, looking into every nook and cranny. I have clients who are NY lawyers and never went to a hearing, yet Florida has 5 issues they want to discuss.

Anonymous said...

What would you say is the current "ball park" figure for someone applying for the bar who likely will need an investigative hearing, from filing to the hearing?