Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Questions I Am Tired Of Answering About Florida Bar Admission

I don't mind taking calls to answer questions. I get to ask some as well. I like to know what law school the caller attends, where they live, what type of law they want to practice, etc....

But I answer the same questions, a lot. So I'm writing this post and calling it "Questions I am tired of answering about Florida Bar Admission."

Here goes:

[1] Is there anything you can do to speed along my character and fitness investigation? I've been waiting a long time and haven't heard anything.

[2] Will filing bankruptcy prevent me from getting into the Bar?

[3] If I wasn't actually arrested for something, but was stopped or spoken to by a cop, should I just leave it off my application?

[4] Can I submit a letter of recommendation from someone that I haven't told everything about why I'm having a hearing?

[5] Does the fact that my (insert family member) knows (insert politician or prominent lawyer) make a difference?

The answer to all these questions is "no."

Thank you and goodbye.

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David Fuller said...

If you practiced bankruptcy law, you could add to that the inevitable follow up to "will bankruptcy matter to character and fitness," with "it won't, great, then can I discharge my student loans?"