Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why BigLaw Should Blog (Hint: There's A Marketer Behind It)

I just continue to laugh.

As the marketers overtake social media with their promises to double lawyers income and once a week webinars about how twitter and LinkedIn are the keys to being a good and busy lawyer, I just chuckle - to the point of tears.

Are you all writing these checks? Are you seriously thinking these marketers who make these promises, who have failed as lawyers and are now here to take your money to tell you how not to fail, are the answer?

Yes. You do.

The latest round of phony discussions surround the notion that BigLaw is woefully behind in - - - - blogging!

BigLaw needs to blog more, says a former 8 month lawyer who - - - - sells marketing services to BigLaw. Look at that. He sells what he encourages lawyers to buy. Nice objective journalism - good going National Law Journal, did you run out of practicing lawyers to serve as columnists?

Who knows better about blogging for lawyers then a guy who says he thinks "traffic is relevant," and gets these kind of numbers (visits) to his blog?

His qualification to market to BigLaw? He wants to market to BigLaw. BigLaw of course has the most money to spend on marketing, so why not start a discussion on how what you do for a living is something that is necessary?

BigLaw's perils are many. They paid too many people too much money, and many BigLaw firms became real estate heavy. When the economy crashed, people ran out of money and BigLaw suffered.

Blogging will not solve their problems. People who hire BigLaw, don't spend time reading blogs.

So the question was raised yesterday whether "we know if this is really hurting them in lost market share."

The answer?


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shg said...

Brian, your slavish concern for numbers is disappointing. So what if, on October 30th, there was only 1 visit. If that one visit was from the managing partner of a big law firm, it would be worth it.

Unfortunately, I recall that particular day. The one visit was from me. I clicked on it by accident, as I was searching for a recipe for spotted dick.

My Law License said...


I looked at that hit and I think you're mistaken. It appears the person was searching for a "big tool."