Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Support Of SEO, Spam, and Porsches

The comment came to my blog:

Hello Dude, I really loved your blog. It appears that you have put a lot more work into it. I will keep your blog in my twitter so I can come back and see it again when it has some new information. Thanks a lot! (Link to lawyer's website deleted).

Dude! Thanks! Yes, I've put a lot more work into it, and I appreciate you keeping it in your twitter.

This of course is from a lawyer, couldn't you tell?

Well, it's actually not written by the lawyer, but by his (spam) SEO company.

All bloggers are used to spam. In the world of lawyer blogs, lawyers too lazy to create organic online content, have these SEO companies put comments in other lawyer's blogs in order to generate traffic.

The problem for these cheese ball lawyers is that most respectable bloggers won't post the comments - they are deleted and forgotten.

But I was in a mood this morning, so I took a gander.

The comment came from (no link love here) Rhode Island lawyer Joshua Mactaz' (spam) SEO company. The company is called (no link love here) Tangible Traffic.

Josh is a valued client of Tangible Traffic. I know this because he's offered his appreciation for all they have done by providing this testimonial:

“…that’s where the new Porsche came from! I’ve had the best 3 months in a row in the history of my firm. His name is Rob Bergeron and his company is Tangible Traffic.” – S. Joshua Macktaz, Esquire

I'm happy for Josh. I had a Porsche a few years ago. Nice car. I got it through hard work, never smart enough to just pay some (spam) SEO company to place silly comments in other lawyer's blogs that look like they were written by a 5 year old.

I don't know Joshua, nor any other lawyer in Rhode Island to whom to refer cases, but if you're looking for that perfect SEO package of linked-back-to-your-firm-with-every-key-word-written-on-the-site-and-blog, check him out.

Who doesn't want to drive a Porsche?

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