Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anthony's Weiner

Yeah, ha ha, funny title, laugh-a-minute. How many jokes can we make about the fall of Congressman Anthony Weiner, another Google disaster?

Weiner subscribed to the marketing cheerleaders cry that the internet is a fun place, where social media is nothing to be scared of Self-proclaimed twitter expert Adrian Dayton says: There are things to be afraid of in this world -- things you may never understand, like how to fix a carburetor, deliver a baby or mill wheat -- but social media aren't among them (editor's note: Dayton sells social media advice for a living, therefore, talking about the dark side isn't good for business).

But then there's people like me and others who poo-poo about the perils, the risks, and the consequences. Who was going to see his "private" chats with various women? Can't you just delete a tweet if you send in publiclly instead of private ("direct")?

His pronouncement that he will not resign, had a singular purpose - test the waters, see who would rise up and say "hell yeah - don't resign!" There were some. A few. But not enough. People like Anthony, but not enough to keep him in office. It's not the pictures, not the cheating, it's the lies.

He will resign within 2 weeks. His wife will probably leave him, as she rightfully left him standing at the podium yesterday, to cry about his "mistakes." Talking to a girl, not your wife, on the internet about getting a blow job is not a mistake. It may be stupid, but it's not a mistake.

Yes, Weiner "took full responsibility," only after he learned the gig was up. He didn't take responsibility, he was forced to acknowledge it. There is a difference.

Anthony Weiner is an example to those who spend their days looking for attention on the internet.

He's definitely made it to the first page of Google.

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