Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why Google + Is The Next Big Thing, And Other Moronic Stupid Dumbass Things People Say

There's nothing worse in today's tech important world than being on vacation with your family, enjoying time together, gathering memories, and then BOOM, something like Google + is created and lawyers everywhere are made to feel their practice will dissolve unless they jump on board.

And of course it's by invitation only. Like when you were 5 and you didn't go to Susie or Johnny's party unless you were invited?

So the invites were coveted, lawyers everywhere joined, tech hacks who don't practice law were spouting off hourly on the grand importance of our new Google +

I wasn't back 24 hours before I was presented with my invitation. I hadn't even unpacked yet and had nothing to wear to the big prom.

Today, I have 8, no, maybe 9 people in my "circles" on Google +. I think 7, no, 8 of them are people I am connected with on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and 15 other sites.

But it's the next big thing.

While I was away I heard news about the creation of a new country (South Sudan), a phone hacking scandal that (may still) bring down a mammoth journalistic empire and not just one tabloid. I heard about economies crashing, wars raging, people rising up.

I return to America and hear that a new website is the "next big thing."

It gets old people. Toys, words on screens, they're compliments to our lives - not essential tools in our existence (unless you're selling that mantra to desperate lawyers who are willing to listen to any non-practicing idiot who smiles and sounds good).

Google + is a website, a place to collect the same damn people you've collected, to share the same stupid meaningless "10 tips to pissing in a toilet correctly" crap.

It isn't the next big thing, unless you're that small.

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Andreas Papadopoulos said...

10!! WTF?! I have no twitter account but I swear as God as my witness I thought there were only 2 ways to piss in a toilet correctly.

I officially suck as human being.

So how do I get me one of them Google things?

My Law License said...


I think you need to wake up and realize that according to social media experts everywhere, there are 10 ways to do everything.

Doug Cornelius said...

Brian -

Don't you want to be the lawyer with the most circles in Google+? Getting lots of Twitter followers got Rex7 fancy magazine story coverage, a lucrative job, and lots of clients.
Oh... Well maybe one of those three.