Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Silver Bullet Of Legal Marketing, For Like When Tornadoes Kill People

I have failed you all. I have spent my time here raging against the scumbag legal marketers who believe that the road to success as a lawyer is filling the internet with garbage - automatic twitter feeds, multiple accounts, ghostwritten blog posts about the latest car accident and who just got arrested.

I have spent my time spewing silly advice about building relationships, networking, organic marketing, speaking, writing, and have totally missed the boat on the best way to get cases.

I found it.

It's here. For you.

Just watch.

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shg said...

Tha's a very professional looking video. I bet I could get really good clients with a video like that. What was the telephone number again?

My Law License said...

You expecting a tornado down 5th Avenue?

Chris McKinney said...

I like how guys like this always instruct lawyers to "position yourself as an expert in the field" as opposed to actually becoming an expert in a field.

Rob Switzer said...

I like the completely unnecessary intro of him getting up and hurrying down the hallway while getting dressed. Gotta catch that tornado!