Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another No CLE Credit CLE Seminar On Twitter For Lawyers, By Non-Practicing Lawyers

Will it ever stop? Do we care that marketers are swarming all over the legal profession, dropping the red meat of "how to make money" and pretending that teaching us how to communicate with a keyboard is a science?

Oh, you just want to know where to send the $125?


It's yet another "Twitter for Lawyers" seminar. Not twitter for doctors, engineers, truck drivers or fruit stand owners - just lawyers. Us silly lawyers, unable to understand how to type on twitter, unable to go about our days with out learning how every single social media platform can make us money.

Now this tele-seminar is put on by ALI-ABA, which claims to provide "Continuing Leadership in Professional Education." This professional education though provides no continuing legal education credit. None.

Tweet tweet tweet.

Here's what you'll learn:

Twitter Basics: Setting up your profile and what to tweet

The Language of Twitter: Codes and shortcuts

Platform Choices: versus social media management tools

Twitter in Context: How Twitter supplements your web presence, and,

drum roll........

Twitter for Client Development


Did you check out the faculty? Three people, none of them practice law. They can't tell you about the last legal client, or case they got through twitter last week, last month.

I know, you don't care. If they can give you the keys to new clients through twitter, you're pulling out the credit card.


Anonymous comments are welcome as long as they say something relevant and half-way intelligent and aren't a vehicle for a coward to attack someone. I trust you understand.

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Anonymous said...

Brian I don't know if I can make the Twitter CLE. It conflicts with the other seminar I'm attending that day "Using a telephones for lawyers." I think you'd find it helpful. Here's what I'm going to learn.

Using your index finger to dial up clients

The 12 Keys to Success

Rotary or Touch tone? Is there really a difference?

Telephones aren't just for calling friends!

Telephones for Client Development

I can't wait. Hope to see you there.

shg said...

Even among non-practicing lawyers teaching something they know nothing about, I find Matt Homann's inclusion curious. From what I can tell, he doesn't actually "engage" on twitter, but merely auto-twits his own old posts. Maybe he's there to teach lawyers how to auto-twit?

On the other hand, I've noticed some new lawyers on twitter trying to push their way into conversations with insipid twits, and then getting quite huffy when they aren't embraced for their contributions. They demand "professional courtesy" of others, meaning that others are obliged to twit with them, on their terms and with what they deem to be appropriate responses. It strikes me that it would be a worthwhile CLE to teach such twitterers that they aren't the center of the twittersphere and the rest of twitter doesn't owe them adoration.

But then, chances are they wouldn't attend such a CLE as they neither need to learn anything nor have the wherewithal to afford the fee.

Anonymous said...

Please RT.

David Fuller said...

Brian, perhaps you'd be interested in my no credit CLE on how awesome I am. I'm pretty awesome; and after my seminar, you'll know why.

Jordan Rushie said...

Here in Philly, PhillyVIP offesr free CLE credits, through a training program, in exchange for taking a pro bono case through the organization. It's nice because the training sessions are comprehensive and practical. They teach you how to do a landlord tenant case from start to finish, a foreclosure, etc.

In addition, volunteers are provided with experienced mentors to help them handle the case. It's a good way to learn a new practice area, or hone one, without much risk to the client and yourself (because the client was usually proceeding pro se in any case).

The Philadelphia Courts are setup so if you take a case on through Philly VIP, you don't have to pay any filing fees - it's automatically in forma paupris. You're also covered on Philly VIP's malpractice insurance.

I've been getting more involved with Philly VIP because it helps me learn stuff and I actually enjoy helping people who otherwise wouldn't have any representation. And I think it's made me a better lawyer.

Given that programs like this exist, it's sad that you can get CLE credit now for learning how to Tweet by non-lawyers.

What a joke.

Joe said...

From the NHMCLE FAQ page:

Q: Are there any specific program topics that will NOT qualify for CLE credit?
A: Yes. Regardless of the sponsor, no CLE credit is granted for courses dealing with client development, rainmaking, website design, marketing or branding a law practice, hiring and compensation of lawyers or staff, general office skills and business planning for profitability.

So simple, yet so ignored