Friday, December 7, 2012

Meet Marc Romano Of Ignyte, Inc.

Marc Romano of Ignyte, Inc, sent me an email:


Regarding your piece on the future of law being a joke, I and several people who read your piece think that the biggest joke in law at least this week appears to be you. You seem pissed off at something. Everything OK at the office?

Frankly, I'm convinced that you don't know what your talking about and if you're so busy defending peoples rights, where do you find the time to write self serving pieces like this with the intention of degrading others who are delivering great value to the profession. You seem to have impressed a grand total of 23 people who hit the "like" button. Not so good.

In the future, you need to back up your claims with facts supported by credible third parties. The word of Brian and Brian alone simply does not cut it with intelligent people. Then again, maybe that's not your audience.

I have limited time here. I have seven law firms that we're rebranding and several holiday parties to attend in the evening by past clients who simply want to thank us for putting them on a positive path. They are all thriving and focused on the future of their firms as opposed to Brian who is desperately defending the past.

By the way, starting your day at 9:15 is a bit 20th century and not indicative of a very busy schedule. We start our days at 7. We're pretty jammed up.

Kind regards,

Marc Romano
ignyte Inc.
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Here's more about Marc:

Judgment against Ignyte, Inc.

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Anonymous said...

Great letter. Love it.

I wonder if "rebranding" those law firms will lead to well-written briefs and competent cross-exams at trial.

--Eric T.

Anonymous said...

More butthurt!

Scott Jacobs said...

If given the option, I would opt for a 9am start over a 7am start, if only because it would reduce my eventual body-count...

I'm not much of a morning person.

In fact, it is my experience that in the professional world, the better one is at their job, the later they can afford to start.

Anonymous said...

At work by 7 a.m., huh? I had one of those kind of jobs. I was exhausted and had no social life, and work was one artificial crisis after another, because the MANAGERS couldn't schedule.

I'm reminded of the words of John D. Rockefeller to a workaholic manager: "You're working too hard. Put your feet up and think up ways to make Standard Oil more money."

Anonymous said...

Ironically, mixed with the babble on his linkedin page, we find these gems:

"We think it's more important to say what you believe and see who follows than to chase closed minds."

"We keep score by asking three questions that relate to our value and our customers...2. Did we help our customer see the world as it is instead of the way they hope it would be?"

Anonymous said...

I always maintain one rule; never believe anything a marketeer says if they don't have at least a functional grasp of grammar.

Alphonsus Jr. said...

Typically, Romano embraces the myth of progress and its concomitant chronological snobbery. Most today do. Indeed it's very rare to meet one who isn't a chronological snob and who thus rejects the notion that history is a story of ever increasing enlightenment. In truth, friends, ours are the true Dark Ages. Much more could be said at this. For now I'll just recommend that you read At the End of an Age by the great John Lukacs.

Reject the impulse to confuse development - technological or otherwise - with progress.

Anonymous said...

You'll notice that previously his company was Igynte Inc focusing on law firm branding and now it is Ignyte Global, what does he do exactly? Clearly not much, another marketer selling snake oil. I would venture to say that he is not busy with as many holiday parties as he would lead us to believe. Best of luck to anyone dumb enough to work with him.