Friday, November 11, 2016

A Heartfelt Message About Moving On From This Election

My girl lost and your guy won. 

I accept that Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States. I don't like it, as I don't think he was the lesser of two evils, I think he was the evil of two lessers. 

Hillary wasn't the best candidate, but she was the inevitable candidate for the Democrats, and her election at least wouldn't have school children wondering out loud in class if they were going to be deported, or homosexuals wondering if they were going to have to go back in the closet, or the unwashed public facing certain disappointment when they realize Trump won't get them a job.

And this call to come together? That's not happening. Too many feelings on our side that you hate Jews, and blacks, and gays, and immigrants. No, I know, it's not all of you, and many of you are just working class people fed up with the elites. I get it, but many of us don't care. Many of us think this election was about hate, and hate won. Argue that's not true, but don't expect any concessions.

There is but one point I really have to make right now and that is in response to this call for us to "move on," to "stop crying," and to "stop whining." 

I don't begrudge your gloating, your happiness, your joy that your guy won. You deserve to enjoy the results of this election, to celebrate victory, to dance, cheer, whatever you want. 

You won, but now a man who attracted supporters due to his attack on Muslims, who disparaged members of our military (including Senator John McCain), who said things about women that go well beyond locker room talk, and who showed no respect to our current President until yesterday's dog and pony show, is going to run this country for at least the next four years, and half the country is pissed off about that. Seems understandable to me that someone would shed a tear.

Because in that win, there was of course loss. When one team wins the Super Bowl, it requires the other team to lose. When the cameras pan the losing team's sideline, it shows grown men crying. So if a few little girls, women, moms, and a also dads, cry in public, express their disappointment, or want to engage in a meaningless protest - deal with it. We didn't want your guy to win, and he won. This was not an inconsequential victory.

In sum, to those that believe "we" owe "you" a "moving on" from this election, go fuck yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't have stated it better!
A Frightened Female Veteran

A concerned citizen worried about people like you being in a position of authority said...

What you wrote in this article just goes to show the level of incompetence that you possess. Really sad that you're an attorney supposedly representing "the people"

A concerned citizen worried about people like you being in a position of authority said...

What you wrote in this article just goes to show the level of sheer incompetence you have. It's really sad and disheartening that you hold a BAR license in any state in the union. You seem to forget that as an attorney you are held to a higher standard, a professional standard. Of course, it appears that you lack any standard other than hatred for anyone that disagrees with you. Sounds quite familiar of a certain dictator who committed a mass genocide of the Jews. Check yourself, Sir. The Florida BAR would love to hear these shocking words that you've posted here will call into question the integrity and professionalism of the poster.

My Law License said...

Dear concerned citizen, as a Jew, I am going to take a guess that you are referring to Hitler. See, I'm not that incompetent.

andreamarc said...

Excellent, my sentiments exactly. Move on, are they kidding. They (the right) tortured Obama for 8 years, thwarting him at ever turn. Move on. What about "turn about is fair play".