Friday, July 31, 2009

A Google Search Tells All: "how to market yourself as a good lawyer"

In today's world of lawyering, it is not the lawyer, but the perception of the lawyer that brings in the dough.

No longer does a lawyer need to work to become a "good" lawyer by handling cases to the satisfaction of clients.

It's all about the marketing. Pretend you are a good lawyer, and convince the unknowing public of the bullshit you are trying to peddle. It's not about reputation, it's about making money.

Present yourself as a good lawyer on your website, on Facebook, on twitter, and maybe even with the aid of those that have left their "wildly successful" law practices to now teach you not how to practice, but how to market.

You want to be a good marketer, hire a marketing maven. Going down that road, I'd be "wildly" suspicious of any "former lawyer" who claims to have the secrets.

You want to be a good lawyer, then lawyer. Practice, law.

A marketing maven can't teach you to try cases, or how to get a judge or other respected lawyer to say you are a "good" lawyer. A marketing maven can only teach you how to create an image that is not necessarily your reality.

You can "market yourself as a good lawyer all day." It's called lying.

You either are a good lawyer, or play one on the web.

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Twinkie said...

But my mommy said I'm a good lawyer, as long as I make enough money to move out of the basement. So I'm going to get rich, move out of the basement and never have to work hard because I'm going to learn the secret!!!!