Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today: The Bar Exam

I figured a light post would be appropriate for all those taking the Bar Exam today. Good luck. It's the hardest test I ever took.

Watch: The Bar Exam

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deanjd said...

I took both the Feb. and July ‘09 Florida Bar Exam and I didn’t think there was much difference in the level of difficulty. I do think, however, the July essays were a little more straight forward than in Feb. I took BarBri and PMBR for the Feb. exam and chose a different strategy for July (personal tutor). Both the Feb. and July exams seemed to lean away from traditional property questions such as Waste, Riparian Rights and Future Interests, and instead concentrated in Mortgages, Race/Notice Statutes and Conveyances….although I could be mistaken. I’m curious about other people’s take on the exam, especially if it wasn’t your first time taking it…misery loves company :-) ….Best of luck to ALL!!