Sunday, August 16, 2009

How To Market Yourself As A Lawyer On Twitter

I'm on twitter. Yeah, "everyone's" on twitter, but like Facebook, we lawyers are a little shy about telling people.

Here's why I'm not shy: I was referred a Federal Criminal Tax Case, solely because another lawyer on twitter knew me. So twitter has paid for itself, thousands of times over.

I've also met some great people, received some good advice, read some great blog posts and articles, and have made connections for others that have been invaluable. Get on twitter, visit another city, tweet that you're looking for something, and within minutes someone will connect with you. That connection may lead to a free appetizer at a local restaurant, some good tickets to an event, or a tip that will make all the difference in your trip. That's just one example.

No, I'm not into the celebrity thing on twitter. I'm also not into those that have "others" tweet for them

When it comes to lawyers on twitter, some are downright in-your-face selling their practice, over and over again.

This weekend I unfollowed a lawyer who tweets nothing but tips on DUI, his location, and his phone number. I couldn't tell you the first thing about him, except that he's a DUI lawyer, where he practices, and his phone number.

I wouldn't refer him a case, ever.


Because I couldn't tell you the first thing about him.

See, when I refer a case, I like to tell people about the lawyer. Things, besides what he or she does, and their phone number.

When I first joined twitter, I quickly stopped using it. I didn't understand the concept. At dinner one night with someone active on twitter, I was given the advice I give everyone considering twitter: "go on there and just start talking to people."

Twitter, simply, is a conversation.

People converse about many things. Some are interesting, some annoying, some nonsensical, and some scary.

I post links to a blog post I've written, talk about my personal interests, ask questions, answer questions, talk about Miami, joke around, but never, end a post with MIAMI LAWYER and my phone number.

That's not conversing. That's marketing.

If you want to know how to market your firm on twitter, don't. They don't' want you there.

If you want to market yourself as a lawyer on twitter:

[1] Use your name.

I used to use MIAMICRIMLAW, but I'm not MIAMICRIMLAW, I'm Brian Tannebaum (@btannebaum).

[2] Follow people who share your interests.

Follow lawyers, and heavens forbid, non-lawyers. Interested in golf? Follow people interested in golf. Interested in Montana politics (for whatever reason), follow people interested in Montana politics. Want to find them? Go to

[3] Don't play the "I need followers" game.

Nothing magical happens at 100, 1000, 10,000 or a million followers. The more followers you have (that are not spam followers) the more your message gets out. But don't be needy. If you say something interesting or important, people will follow you. Which leads me to....

[4] Say something important or interesting.

Your practice area and phone number are not interesting, and are only important to you. Spend some time getting to know people on twitter, and people will know what you do. Stay out of their face.

[5] Do not auto DM, auto tweet, use tweetlater, or do anything else that causes you to tweet when you are not around.

If you're not on twitter, you don't know about any of those terms, and you're better off.

Oh, and one more thing, if the majority of your conversations involve you talking about yourself, not introducing others, not paying attention, not focusing on who's talking to you or taking no interest in anything else but yourself, forget twitter.

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Melissa Denton said...

Thanks! I am also a lawyer who enjoys Twitter and I agree with what you are saying here. It is good, though, to include tweets that show who you are and what you do. Best wishes. Melissa Denton (family law, Olympia, WA and lawyer finding, everywhere)