Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two Keys For Solo Success - Carolyn, Elefant

Carolyn, if only I could hug you right now. Your newly published e-book From Biglaw to Yourlaw is nothing but a bundle of truth that every single BigLaw lawyer needs to read, and read now.

A masterpiece, that can be read in 10 minutes.

It begins "I want you to set aside the propaganda you've heard on either end - whether it's (1) the negative stereotypes about solo practice that you've been fed in law school or by your bosses or colleagues or (2)(I love this) the false promises of four hour workweeks and gazillion dollar practices that legal marketing experts and gurus hawk to desperate lawyers."

She continues: "Clients are beginning to reject the concept of paying premium fees for large firm services........ You can stick around (at Biglaw) and watch your firm evolve backwards into a dinosaur...."

She smacks the scam artists in the mouth: "....beware the marketers and gurus hocking their wares...... they'll try to convince you that you can work four hours a week and earn millions...solong as you purchase their special $10,000.00 silver bullett marketing program."

She destroys the notion all Biglaw firms tell their associates, that solo practice is "not the way to practice law:" "...Skadden, Arps, and Flom were a trio of lawyers who couldn't find jobs at big white shoe law firms....."

I'm not going to ruin your few moments of absorbing this great new e-book by quoting more of the spectacular information written there. I will just say that if you are a Biglaw, period, this is a must read.

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