Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ditching The Ass Kissing Losers Who Lie To You About How Great You Are

Spend a few minutes, like 3, on any social media site and you won't miss the collection of circle-jerking nothings telling each other how great they are.

They're not. They know it, but the compliments, thank you's, and general ass kissing drowns out the reality that these people are nothings trying to appear like somethings.

It's an easy life - get a bunch of people who detest criticism, even the constructive type, and help each other appear like "rock stars" "gurus, and "experts." None of it is real. The closest these people get to reality is when they go from conference to conference to conference (not as speakers) to pump each other.

Spending your life being around people who won't tell you that you look fat, or that you're an idiot, or stupid, or that you are a complete moron for whatever you are thinking of doing, (or actually doing), makes you a complete loser.

You suck. You aren't doing enough. You are mediocre. You are lazy. You could be so much more if you would stop thinking you have accomplished anything.

These are things my closest advisors have told me. I keep them close. I listen to them. I take note. I think about what they are saying. I absorb their advice. I grow because of their "mean" words, and I hope for more.

Do you? Hope for more?

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Mark Bennett said...

I want to thank you for this blog post.

But it's mediocre, so I can't.

Lisa Solomon said...

The Incredibles must be your favorite movie.

Seriously, though, that's why I like you (despite the fact that you're frequently a royal ass): I've never been known as much of a "yes man" myself.

Unknown said...

But no one has ever lied to me about how great I am.

Anonymous said...

you really have accomplished nothing