Friday, May 13, 2011

Joseph Rakofsky's Second Futile Race To The Courthouse

You remember Joseph Rakofsky, the poster child for today's lawyer marketing circus.

He took on a murder case, the first case he ever took to trial. It was a disaster.

Many wrote about it. Now, instead of learning a lesson about how becoming a good lawyer takes more than a good web presence, he's decided to expand his reputation as a buffoon by filing a lawsuit against.... the internet.

Joseph, oh Joseph. From whom are you seeking advice? Haven't you ever been to an Andrew Dice Clay show where he makes an example of someone in the audience who is trying to get attention? Dice likes to say this:

"You did this to you, I didn't do this to you."

It was only a matter of time before a young lawyer, trying to "fake it until you make it" would be outed.

It's been done.

And you, Joseph, are now trying to blame others for your lack of experience and lack of ability to capably represent a criminal defendant.

You've learned nothing.

Which is exactly who you will become at the end of all of this.

This is my opinion. It comes with 16 years of experience. Do with it what you wish.

Good luck on your second case in your career. This time, luckily it won't be a client who has entrusted their life to you who will lose, it will be you.

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David Fuller said...

Initial Reaction:

Fair comment is protected speech, motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim, and a complaint that reads like a bad hypothetical in a First Amendment class.

J.D. Bagg said...

After 20 plus years of practice, my now fellow old timer friends joke about the judges and senior lawyers who helped mentor us with a healthy dose of verbal and emotional abuse.
Those were the days. It seems that young Mr. Rakofsky has far too much self esteem. At least the Judge had the guts to slap him down before an injustice happened.
As they say where I grew up, Rakofsky is a strapper. Keep up the good work. Even if I do not always agree with you, your writng is interestin g and has a point to it.

Patrick Lamb said...

Good luck with his second case? Only the brain-dead would hire this guy. But on the bright side, he might have a wonderful career as a truck driver.