Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Richard Borzouye, of Hartt Borzouye? Joseph Rakofsky's Lawyer

Now that the internet has been sued by Joseph Rakofsky, there is no better time to meet the man that filed what purports to be a lawsuit on his behalf for defamation.

Meet Richard Borzouye of Hartt Borzouye, I think. I'm not sure. Read on.

Mark Bennett already compiled some fascinating information on Mr. Rakofsky's lawyer, including that Rakofsky lists him as a member of his law firm.

Borzouye has his own firm, with a website that says he has "New York & Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys," but under the attorneys section of his website, well, I don't think "Coming Soon" is a member of the Bar.

Here's some more:

According to his Facebook page, Borzouye attended Thoams M. Cooley Law School. I think that's Thomas Cooley, but I know they don't teach spelling in law school. He graduated in 2001, and was admitted to the Bar in 2004.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Borzouye is and has been a partner at Hartt Borzouye since 2004 where he is a Criminal Defense Attorney and Civil Litigator. I'm not sure that's correct though, as you'll see below. Hartt Borzouye didn't exist in 2004. He is also a White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney/Litigator at the Borzouye Law Firm, P.C. Who says you can't be in two places at one time?

Borzouye also enjoys the endorsement on Avvo of his new partner. That endorsement coming from James Hartt. You wouldn't know from his Avvo profile that James Hartt is his partner, because on that profile, he's Borzouye Law Firm.

According to the official Hartt Borzouye twitter page: Hartt & Borzouye, PC will be a boutique litigation law firm with a focus on employment and Qui Tam Whistleblower litigation as well as criminal defense.

I don't know when this will happen. But it clearly - will - happen. I couldn't find a website for Hartt Borzouye. Maybe it's in the works.

I know this didn't happen - according to this website, Hartt Borzouye, P.C. was incorporated on March 2, 2011 and is listed as "Construction and General Contractors, Commercial and Residential Construction Companies and General Contractors." That's got to be a mistake.

Borzouye's partner, if he's even still his partner, James Hartt, offers advice on Facebook, and makes this promise:

Attorney James Hartt will do his very best to offer helpful and competent legal advice to all Group Members. That's nice. I always like when a lawyer does his very best to offer competent legal advice. It's a plus.

You can't just ask Hartt questions on twitter though, because his page is protected, so you're gonna have to ask his permission.

I'm going to stop here, because I think playing this game below is easier at this point.

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