Wednesday, January 7, 2009

AVVO Had Credibility At Some Point?

Lots of discussion lately about AVVO, the newest lawyer rating website.

Leading Lawyer Marketing Blogger Larry Bodine has this post of a collection of other bloggers mention of AVVO, including one from my dear friend Scott Greenfield, who laments about AVVO beginning to sell ads on their site.

Larry, my friend, in this humble lawyer's opinion, AVVO never had credibility.

My basis for saying this?

When I first looked at AVVO my rating was 6.2. I had done nothing with my profile. I have no idea from where this rating came.

I began to enter details of my practice and highlights of my career. It went to 7 point something, to 8.3 to finally, 10.0.

I am rated 10.0 on AVVO because I entered a bunch of crap that happened in my career in the last 15 years. Offices I've held, awards I've received. All true, but none of it verified.

That's not a rating system, that's nothing more than a technological version of that carnival game where you slam a huge mallet on a scale and the numbers go up and up and up.

I have on my website that I have this rating, as certain clients may care. I can tell you though that if anyone ever mentioned it to me in the hiring process, I'd be quick to tell them I think it's a bunch of crap.

It's a game. I think it took me 4 minutes to go from 6.2 to 10.0

That's about all on AVVO.

I was just wondering why anyone in the legal community ever thought this site was credible.

It's just not, in my 10.0 opinion.

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