Thursday, January 1, 2009

Law Students: Good News! You Don't Need A Lawyer, For Anything

One of the best parts of my practice is representing law students trying to gain admission to the Florida Bar. I love making that call: "you're a lawyer." I love walking out of a hearing knowing that things went well, even when my client disagrees.

I hate this question: "Do I need a lawyer for this?"

"For this?"

"For this."

You mean the one moment you will have to convince those that hold your future whether you are worthy of admission to their club?

Truth be told, this is the most frequently asked question.

Not, "what's the hearing like?" "How do I prepare?" "What might happen?"

The most frequently asked question, translated, is "I know I spent 3 arduous years, tens of thousands of dollars and have put my life into my future, but can I get away with doing this on my own, saving some money?

The answer is "Yes!"

You don't need a lawyer "for this."

In fact, let me help you as you enter the legal profession, telling your clients that a client who represents themselves has a fool for a lawyer.

You don't need a lawyer, for anything.

Traffic ticket? Why hire a ticket lawyer who lives in traffic court when you can crack open a book and handle it yourself?

Will? You can get a will online. No need for a lawyer to give you advice on tax consequences or protecting your kids.

Buying a house? What could go wrong?

Minor arrest? Hey, you're a lawyer, you can tell the judge you didn't do it.

Injured? Work it out with your insurance company. Save the 40% you have to pay a lawyer.

So, no, you don't need a lawyer "for this."

You just need to stop asking me, and start asking yourself.

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