Sunday, November 1, 2009

As The Lawyer's Year Comes To an End

The first week in November is the time to start thinking about closing out the lawyer's year. Time to start thinking about who to thank, how to thank them, and next year.

I've been in private practice 12 years. That is the sole basis of the following advice:

[1] Do not buy embossed holiday cards.

I throw them all out. They are a complete waste of money. They are impersonal, no matter how funny the joke is on front. You want to wish someone a happy holiday, call them or send them a handwritten note.

[2] Send breakfast or pizza to your vendors.

Trust me, no one does this.

[3] Thank those that sent you business, but more importantly, those that tried to send you business.

No one ever thinks to thank those that tried to send them business.

[4] Consider Thanksgiving.

Not to brag, but around Christmas, I can't keep track of the basket arrivals. Around Thanksgiving, I get one or two things.

[5] Buy some drinks.

Yes, you can send that bottle of wine, I do. But consider dropping the credit card at the local bar and inviting a dozen or two people who have helped you this year for a drink or two. What's it going to cost you? A couple hundred dollars? half the people won't show up, but will appreciate the invitation.

[6] Think of 5 things that didn't work, and 5 things that you need to try.

If you keep doing what you're....well, nevermind. if you don't understand this, I can't help you.

[7] Make some phone calls.

Reconnect, see how everyone's doing. It's been a rough year for a lot of people. You never know what will develop in a conversation.

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Jami said...

Can't wait to get that invitation for drinks! ;-)