Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Same Damn Boring Bullshit Cover Letter

I keep getting these resumes and cover letters and wonder why you young lawyers think I give a crap about what you think about yourself.

You "believe you can become an asset" to my firm? You believe your references and credentials are a testament to your ability to "thrive?" You have "attention to detail" and an "innovative work ethic?"

What moron taught you how to write a cover letter? And why are you writing one that is exactly the same as all your unemployed friends?

I previously wrote about how your cover letter gets in my garbage, and now I want to add some things based on the state of the economy and my state of having become thoroughly disgusted with "typical" cover letters.

So here it is:

Enough with the typical bullshit. I'm not reading it anymore. You want to get to me -send me an email with something interesting to say, and your resume attached. I don't give a crap about the bullshit work you did while an intern or the one case you think you tried.

If you can't resist the cover letter in the mail waste of time, send your resume with a handwritten note. Use my first name. Be real. You're looking to make a connection, not bore someone to death with your opinions about yourself. No one cares.


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