Monday, November 30, 2009

My Questions For A Social Media Expert Go Unanswered, Kind Of

I thought the questions below were pretty simple. Why does a lawyer, "social media expert," have all these apparent inconsistencies in his several biographies? Why does the New York Bar think he works somewhere he does not?

But the answers won't come. The social media "expert" strategy is to close your eyes and wait for it to subside. I've been here before with others who create online personas that are just a bit off of reality.

I did find Adrian Dayton's philosophy about trust when it comes to your online presence, which answers much of the questions.

It's here.

It was written in July of this year, and says things like this:

"Being honest when nobody is watching is certainly not fashionable, but it is essential to learning to trust ourselves and eventually gaining the trust of others."

"I spend a substantial amount of time blogging and using other social media tools and I see trust taken for granted on a daily basis."

"We need to re-think how we start and build relationships, even when those relationships are formed online."

"Don’t Be Afraid to Tell People Who You Are"

"Web 2.0 is all about transparency. They say, here we are- warts and all- engage us or ignore us, but they lay all their cards on the table. The opposite of this is Facebook or Twitter users that have so little information about them on their bios, that it is impossible to tell who they are. There is no link to a blog, no history, not even a geographic location. How are you ever going to trust someone like that?"

"What About Mistakes, Inaccuracies and Lies?"

"Sometimes technology can lead us astray."

I guess I have my answers.

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