Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big Legal Brain - The Greatest Source Of Practice Management Tips For Lawyers

I know, you think that having an iPhone, iPad, iAnything, a twitter account with a bunch of hot 16 year old (fake) girls following you, and a Facebook fan page are the keys to any successful law practice.

I'm here to break your heart and tell you (again) that this is not the case.

Not convinced? Check out the folks at Big Legal Brain.

I don't know who runs this site, but it's full of substantive ideas for any of today's lawyers who are looking for the silver bullet.

The folk (or folks) at Big Legal Brain contacted me personally yesterday to ask a question. (Actually they didn't, but I read a question they posted on twitter that I could answer so to follow in today's world of complete lies in social media, I can comfortably say that they contacted me personally seeking my advice - see how that works?)

The question - Would love to hear from ethics attorneys about any issues in advertising by sandwich board.

"Wow," I thought. There's a concept I haven't heard about in a while. Not even the local deli is paying someone to walk the street with a sandwich board anymore. I asked Big Legal Brain if their question included the possibility of a megaphone. I haven't heard back yet, but I expect to receive and answer and then I will write about how awesome it is that the people at Big Legal Brain answered my question. This will be in an effort to convince other people on-line that I am someone who others respond to with answers to questions that I ask in response to their questions. I will be validated, and let everyone else know that I am validated.

Big Legal Brain is not just offering non-social media ideas on advertising, they also have the keys to law office management that you just don't see when social media people try to convince you it's all about the shiny things.

Like putting in a bar at the office.

With the right booze selections and prominent set up of your office bar, you should be able to establish a great reputation in the legal community and among your clients. We’ll post later on the top five mixed drinks to attract clients, but in the meantime, let us know the top drink that you use to keep clients in the office and firm profits increasing.

And Big Legal Brain doesn't stop there - they also offer a smattering of social media advice that cuts through the "hire me as your guru because I can make you money" messages we see hourly. Take for example Top 5 steps to create a top 5 list, and Top 3 MS-DOS Commands for your practice.

Can't decide on a document management system? Big Legal Brain knocks it out of the park with their suggestion of paperweights.

A single paperweight, for instance, on a specific stack of papers can signify one part of the document drafting workflow. Using multiple paperweights, ideally color-coded or coded by pattern, opens up potentially endless options for organizing your documents and improving your drafting workflow.

People, this is the stuff of genius. I don't know how long Big Legal Brain will be around, but I for one will be adding them to my blog roll and checking in often to see the latest in "how to make money as a lawyer" ideas.

I just fear that Big Legal Brain will send all the other snake oil salesmen in to the gutter (deeper in the gutter than they already are) when they eventually write about how snake oil is a great holiday gift for those pimple-faced clerks and young associates.

Welcome to the world of lawyer marketing Big Legal Brain. (I'll be sending you a handwritten thank you card.)

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David Fuller said...

I hope that they will address some of my most pressing law office management questions:
1. Vellum, superior to PDF?
2. How to extract oil from snakes without getting bitten.
3. How to take the next step from sandwich boards to carnival barkers.
4. Maintaining blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex, is it really necessary for synergy between synapses?
5. Perhaps the most exciting, stupendous, practice changing idea of all; teeth whitening, virtualization, and superlative adjectives as an alternative to people like Brian Tannebaum and their outdated ideas about "the law."

TOR said...

Like FDLE's database for sex offenders, there should be a listing of anyone who has paid these "people" a dime.