Saturday, December 18, 2010

The ROI Of Social Media For Lawyers Without iPads Or Hundreds Of Thousands Of Twitter Followers Or Other Social Media Crap

There's plenty of lawyers looking to get in to social media for the purpose of making money, and there's plenty of former lawyer marketers ready to take their check to give them the non-existent secrets to social media success.

Those in the social media secrets-for-hire world only survive by convincing lawyers that there is an ROI, or what real people who have real jobs and real conversations refer to "return on investment." Some social media thieves promise clients will line up at the door after you tweet a few things, and others will promise to transform your practice by using something with an Apple and an on-off switch.

All those in the social media-please-hire-me-as-your-social media-consultant-even-though-I've-never really practiced law and if I did, I didn't for long and never brought in any business but please don't ask me about that because it's not helpful for the lies I tell on the internet, world know that they will not convince desperate lawyers of the wonders of social media without stories of the ROI. Tell a lawyer that you know a lawyer that made money by having a Facebook page or twitter account, and that lawyer is hooked.

I have an ROI story.

I met Scott Greenfield by commenting on his blog. We started talking, a lot. Yesterday, he sent me this:

And then, oh, wait, that's it. That's the story.

Sorry, no money here, no new case, no "great convo" with some perceived celebrity, no link to something someone said complimentary of me.

Just a cheesecake.

Apparently it's the #1 New York Cheesecake according to New York Magazine.

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Mark Bennett said...

Isn't it funny that a cheesecake can be shipped across the country, but a key lime pie can't be.

My Law License said...

Actually Mark, Key Lime Pie is easily shipped nationwide. But it is very expensive to ship.

Very expensive.

Mark Bennett said...

When it comes to taking care of our friends, I guess we all have to draw a line somewhere.

My Law License said...

Yes, and one day I will draw it at cakes and pies.