Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saying Farewell To My Embarrassing Blogroll

This blog is about legal ethics. It's about getting in and staying in the Florida Bar. It's about respectable marketing in the profession, and the lack thereof.

When I started this blog it was because there was not a single other blog on the topic of Florida Bar practice. I wanted to create a blogroll (a list of other blogs with links for readers to click and read them) of other blogs that were relevant to legal ethics. I mainly found marketing blogs, a couple law prof blogs, and decided to add the ones that were written by respectable people who (I thought) were about more than shiny things and cheesy marketing.

Today, I looked at my blogroll (Now it's a "roll" of one, the Legal Profession Blog) to see if anyone had an interesting post for me to write about. Here's what's up on those other blogs:

Take the Acritas "100 Top Law Firms" Survey and Be Eligible to Win an iPad

Google Calendar is THE ANSWER to Lawyer Scheduling.

How to Use Twitter for Your Practice.

I don't care if you read this shit, but I'm not required to promote it. Sure, I write about shiny things and tech, and praying to the God that is Apple, but not the way these idiots do. These posts are what I call "listening to rap music because you want to appear cool to your kids." These bloggers have completed their race to the bottom, realizing that no one wants to read about ethics, they want to read about iPads (and win one!).

No one wants to read about character and fitness or respect for the profession, they want to read about tech. Tech tech tech. Hook up with Google and you're set. Get a twitter account and watch the clients pour in to your office. They've decided to wear jeans that are two sizes too small and try and get in with the Starbucks dwelling flip-flop wearing "lawyers."

You can read this crap elsewhere.

Not here.

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Anonymous said...

Please register me for your iPad giveaway! Let me know what more I need to do